14 Jul 2018

In wolves, black coat color is recessive to the normal grey, andblue eye color is recessive to brown. A black-coated blue eyed malemates with a female who is heterozygous for both traits, and thereare 8 pups in the litter.
What are the expected genotoypes of the pups? what are the expectedphenotypes?

A man and a woman both have normal color vision, and both havecolorblind fathers.
What proportion of their daughters would you expect to be colorblind?
What proportion of their sons?

Assume that in the U.S. in 1960, the frequency of the autosomalrecessive Tay-Sachs disease among eastern European Jews was 1 per3600births.
What was the frequency of the Tay-Sachs allel in thispopulation?
In 1961, a woman of polish ancestry whose brother died of Tay-Sachsdisease marries a Jewish man of Hungarian ancestry. Assuming thatshe is a carrier, what is the probability that their first childwill have Tay-Sachs disease?

4. In fruit flies, black body (b) is recessive to normal body color(B). In a breeding study, a population of flies is allowed to mateat random. In the population, 3000 flies are homozygous for blackbody color, and 2000 flies are homozygous for the normalallele.
What is the frequency of each genotype in the F1 generation?
What would the proportion of phenotpyes be?
What is the frequency of the two alleles, B and b, in the F1generation?

In peas, the dominant seed shape is round and the recessive iswrinkled(w). The dominant trait for pod color is green andrecessive is yellow (y). A plant with round seeds and green podsthat i heterozygous only for the color trait is crossed with aplant that has wrinkled seeds and yellow pods, and the resulting F1progeny are selfed(self fertilized).
Write out the P1 genotpes and the F1 and F2 genotypic andphenotypic ratios.
What proportion of the plants with green pods and round seeds fromthe F2 generation would you expect to be true breeding(i.e. produceonly plants with green pods and round seeds)?

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Beverley Smith
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17 Jul 2018
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