Food that we consume is composed of very complex molecules.During the digestive process these compounds are broken down intosmaller and smaller subunits in preparation for use by the body asbuilding blocks needed for the many components of the human body.The chicken and rice that were eaten by Matt and Maria containedingredients composed of fats, proteins, carbohydrates, and othercomponents such as minerals, water and vitamins.

** From the point that the specific metabolites are absorbedfrom the GI tract, trace the path of the resulting metabolites tothe following locations in the body for incorporation into the bodystructure:

1.Metabolites of protein for use in the Gastrocnemius muscle formuscle maintenance.

2. Metabolites of the carbohydrates for energy to contract thecardiac muscle cells.

3. Metabolites of fat to incorporate into the myelin sheaths ofthe Schwann cells of the Trigeminal nerve that innervates theMasseter muscle.

4. Water for incorporation into the synovial fluid of the hipjoint.

5. Iron for incorporation into red blood cells in the bonemarrow of the sternum.

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