1. A colorblind woman marries a normal man. Which of thefollowing is true of their children?
a. all will be colorblind
b. all daughters will be normal and all sons will be carriers
c. all daughters will be colorblind and all sons will benormal
d. all daughters will be heterozygous and all sons will becolorblind
e. it is impossible to predict with any reasonable degree ofcertainty

2. Cleft chin is an autosomal dominant trait. A man with a cleftchin marries a woman with a round chin. What proportion of theirfemale progeny will show the trait?
a. 0%
b. 25%
c. 50%
d. 75%
e. 100%

3. Which of the following statements is false?
a. individuals with the same phenotype might have differentgenotypes
b. matings between individuals with dominant phenotypes cannotproduce offspring with recessive phenotypes
c. matings between individuals with recessive phenotypes usually donot produce offspring with dominant phenotypes
d. individuals with the same genotype might have differentphenotypes.
e. all the above are correct choices

4. True or False
a. DNA is composed of 4 different types of nucleotides T/F?
b. in the DNA of every species, the amount of adenine presentalways equals the amount of thymine, and the amount of cytosinealways equals the amount of guanine T/F?
c. in a nucleotide, the phosphate group is attached to thenitrogen-containing base, which is attached to the 5 carbon sugarT/F?
d. Watson and Crick built their model of DNA in the early 1950sT/F

5. MATCHING - each choice can be used more than once.
a. ribosomal RNA
b. DNA
c. mRNA
d. tRNA
e. RNA polymerase
-carries the genetic code sequence
-joins up with amino acids
-attaches the specific amino acids
-contains no uracil
-has anticodons
-determines amino acid sequence
-reads the codons
-contains codons
-has 2 polynucleotide chains
-has deoxyribose sugar
-makes RNA molecules in the nucleus

6. The number of base pairs in the human genome is about:
a. 1 million
b. 1 trillion
c. 10 billion
d. 75 billion

7. Pyrimidines are
a. single ringed
b. triple ringed
c. double ringed
d. none of these

8. Adenine is
a. double ringed
b. single ringed
c. a straight up chained carbon compound
d. a phospholipid

9._______ is the enzyme which puts together the correct DNA basesequence
a. DNA polymerase
b. RNA polymerase
c. helicase
d. adenine

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