( ) The ability to degrade the extracellular matrix and basal membrane in order to migrate throughout normal tissue, enter and exit vessels, and colonize a new site in the body.

( )Altering growth factors, receptors, signaling cascades, and transcription factors in order to stimulate the expression of growth promoting genes and the cell cycle.

( ) Increasing expression of proteins such as VEGF that stimulate the production of new vasculature to supply oxygen and nutrients to the tumor.

( ) Loss of function mutations in or deletion of gatekeeper and caretaker genes altering cell cycle progression and DNA damage repair pathways.

( )Altering expression of proteins and enzymes that lengthen telomeres and avoid cellular senescence.

( ) Bypassing normal cellular mechanisms that help to eliminate faulty or infected cells.

A. Enabling Replicative Immortality B. Avoiding Immune Destruction C. Deregulating Cellular Energetics D. Evading Cell Death E. Evading Growth Suppressors F. Activating Invasion and Metastasis G. Sustaining Proliferative Signaling H. Inducing Angiogenesis I. Tumor-Promoting Inflammation

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