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If you sustain an injury to the shoulder joint (infraspinatus muscle) how would it affect the movement of the shoulder? Consider a complex movement like walking. List at least 6 of the joints that must move to facilitate walking. Classify each type of joint listed.

Posted Feb 1 2019

AnsweredFeb 1 2019
University of British Columbia

If the infraspinatus muscle is injured, it is very difficult to move the shoulder.

Since infraspinatus is one of the main contributors to the shoulder joint, it mainly participates in the rotation of the shoulder.

The movement of the head of the humerous is mainly carried out by the infraspinatus muscle and the teres minor. Any injury to the infraspinatus muscle can cause difficulties in the movement of the shoulders.

These are the following six main joints that must move to facilitate walking:-

  1. Sternoclavicular joint
  2. Acetabular femoral
  3. Pelvic girdle
  4. Subtalar joint
  5. Midfoot joint
  6. Tibia joint

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