14 Aug 2018

QUESTION 1. Choose the true statement about prokaryotic and eukaryotic DNA replication.

A.Eukaryotic DNA replication involves less protein factors than does prokaryotic DNA replication.

B. Prokaryotic DNA polymerases replicate DNA 5' to 3', while eukaryotic DNA polymerases replicate DNA 3' to 5'.
C. Eukaryotic DNA replication begins at multiple origins of replication, while prokaryotic DNA replication begins at a single origin of replication.
D. Prokaryotic genomes take longer to replicate than eukaryotic genomes.

QUESTION 2. Bacterial cells use DNA replication to:

A. make back-up copies of their genome in case of a mutation.
B. manifest multiple phenotypes at once.
C. copy their genetic material prior to binary fission.
D. build functional proteins.

QUESTION 3. Choose the true statement about the genetic code.

A. A cell's mRNA code is read four nucleotides at a time to specify a single amino acid.
B. The genetic code encodes 64 amino acids, one for each of the 64 corresponding codons.
C. The genetic code is redundant, with multiple codons specifying a single amino acid.
D. The genetic code varies widely among organisms, with each having a different set of codons for a corresponding amino acid.

QUESTION 4. Of the following enzymes, which are correctly matched with their function? To be marked correct, you'll need to select all correctly matched statements, as there may be more than one correct answer.

A. Helicase, relieves torsion stress as DNA unwinds
B. Ligase, covalently bonds adjacent Okazaki fragments
C. Primase, removes RNA primers
D. DNA polymerase III, builds most of the DNA on the leading and lagging strand

QUESTION 5. Which of the following contributes to DNA replication accuracy? To be marked correct, you'll need to select all true statements, as there may be more than one correct answer.

A. The capacity to proofread improves DNA replication accuracy.
B. A slow rate of DNA replication contributes to accuracy.
C. The use of primase improves DNA replication accuracy.
D. DNA replication accuracy is improved thanks to complementary base pairing rules.

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17 Aug 2018

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