Asked on 3 Jan 2018

A 70 kg 68 y/o male sees his cardiologist for a follow-up following his myocardial infarction 3 months earlier. He has been taking digoxin and LisinoprilTM since his MI. At the follow-up, he complains of shortness of breath and has to sleep sitting up in his recliner. He also complains of fatigability and swelling of his ankles and hands. A physical examination finds that he has distended jugulars and pitting edema in the lower legs. His breathing was rapid 22 breaths/min) and rales were heard in the both sides at the base of the lungs. He does not have a fever, but his pulse is 116 bpm and his blood pressure is 110/80. The physician immediately admits him and orders a blood and urine analyses with the results as follows:




128 mEq/L


150 mEq/L


3.0 mEq/L


65 mEq/L


98 mEq/L


120 mEq/L


21 mEq/L


15 mEq/L


1.2 mg/dl


128 mg/dl


24 mmHg

24 hr volume

750 ml




600 mOsm

The physician orders an infusion of 2L of 3% saline with 40 mg of Lasix® given twice a day for three days. CALCULATE how this treatment would impact the Px’s symptoms assuming the osmolarity of the urine dropped to 400 mOsm?

Answered on 3 Jan 2018

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