24 Mar 2019

match the element of promotion mis it is referring whether it is a pro or con. drap and drop each item into the correct spot on the chart.

IBM-understands that this element requires more expenditire to reach more customers.

Walmart-Unsure of the outcome of the message

Xerox- has the ability to make adjustments based on immediate feedback from the customer

Toyota-consumer often delays purchase in anticipation of implementation of this element

Geico- requires ample production expenses

Dell- complements all other promotional activities, helps reduce inventories of soon-to-be replaced product lines

Hertz-allows managers wide variety of creative solutions

At&T-requires customer information to be effective/considerable time.resources

Promotion Mix Elements Pro Con


Sales promotion

Public relations

Personal selling

Direct marketing and

interactive marketing

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Casey Durgan
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26 Mar 2019

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