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Answer: a) Let's start by finding the total number of buns Thomas had at first...
Answer: LD50 stands for "Lethal Dose 50%" and is a measure of the toxicity of ...

Note: Use principles of physics to solve the problem and thenverifyyour answer using the simulation.

Before pressing any buttons in the simulation, predict whatthecircuit will do.

(a) When the circuit is turned on (andtheswitch is open), predict how the bulbs will compare in termsoftheir brightness. For this situation, which of thefollowingstatements are true? Select all that apply.
Bulb A will be brighter than bulbB. Bulb A will be dimmer than bulbB.Bulbs A and B will be equallybright. Bulb A will be brighter thanbulbC. Bulb A will be dimmer than bulb C.Bulbs A and C will beequallybright. Bulb B will be brighter than bulbC. Bulb B will bedimmer than bulb C.Bulbs B and C will be equallybright.

(b) With the circuit stillturned on, what will happen to thebrightness of each bulb when theswitch is closed? Select all thecorrect statements from the listbelow.
The brightness of bulb A willincrease. The brightness of bulb Awilldecrease. The brightness of bulb A will remain thesame. Thebrightness of bulb B willincrease. The brightness of bulb Bwilldecrease. The brightness of bulb B will remain thesame. Thebrightness of bulb C willincrease. The brightness of bulb Cwilldecrease. The brightness of bulb C will remain thesame.

Answer: (a) When the circuit is turned on and the switch is open, no current f...
Answer: As an expatriate manager, it's important to take the concerns of my em...
Answer: The main difference between a desktop computer and a laptop computer i...
Answer: To find the equivalent resistance of the two filaments when both are t...
Answer: The brightest star visible from Earth is Sirius, with an apparent magn...
Answer: James McBride is a well-known American author, musician, and journalis...
Answer: (a) Using the equation v = u + at, where u = 0 (starting from rest) an...
Answer: If we changed our speed limit signs to metric, 55 mi/h would be approx...
Answer: (a) The jogger's average speed and magnitude of the average velocity a...
Answer: The Great Depression was caused by a combination of factors, including...

Hi everyone,
I'm International Students and I have difficault to understand someproblems in physics. I want to do extra work to be ready forMidtearm.
Please if there is any one can help me by showing me how to solveit.
and if u can show me the steps because I will use it asnotes.

1-What are the metric prefixes for ten and tenth?

2-If you multiplied 7774 m by 36 m, how many significant figuresshould you report in your answer?

3-A ball is dropped:
What is its initial speed?
What is the magnitude of its initial acceleration?

4-A jogger jogs two blocks directly north.
(a) How do the jogger's average speed and the magnitude of theaverage velocity compare?
average speed ( ) magnitude of average velocity
(b) If the jogger's return trip follows the same path, how doaverage speed and magnitude of the average velocity compare for thetotal trip?
average speed ( ) magnitude of average velocity

5-A child's cubic play block has a mass of 115 g and sides of 5.2cm. When placed in a bath tub full of water, will the cube sink orfloat?
(sink) or (float)

6-A ball with a radius of 8 cm and a mass of 550 g is thrown into alake. Will the ball sink or float?
(sink) or (float)

7-Persons A and B do the same job, but B takes longer
Who does the greater amount of work?
person A, person B, Or all the same
Who is more "powerful"?
Person A or Person B

8- Which two renewable energy sources depend on the weather?(Select all that apply.)

9- The two common liquids used in liquid-in-glass thermometers arealcohol (ethanol) and mercury, which have melting points andboiling points of -114°C, 79°C and -39°C, 357°C,respectively.
Which one of these thermometers would be better for low temperaturemeasurements?
(alcohol or mercury)
Which one of these thermometers would be better for hightemperature measurements?
(alcohol or mercury)

10-What determines the phase of a substance? (Select all thatapply.)
amount of the substance

11-What is the difference between a longitudinal wave and atransverse wave?

Longitudinal wave: particle displacement is (---) parallelperpendicular to wave velocity.
Transverse wave: particle displacement is ( ------) perpendicularparallel to wave velocity.

Give an example of a longitudinal wave.
(sound wave in air OR
light wave)
Give an example of a transverse wave.
(sound wave in air Or
light wave)

12-Which end (blue or red) of the visible spectrum has the shorterwavelength?
Which has the lower frequency?

13- How long does the image of a 18-in ruler appear in a planemirror?
Does this depend on the distance the ruler is from themirror?
(Yes OR

14-What optical phenomenon causes soap bubbles and oil slicks toshow colorful displays?

15- Which two particles that make up atoms have about the samemass? (Select all that apply.)

16- Which two have the same magnitude of electric charge? (Selectall that apply.)

17- Name one phenomenon that can only be explained by light havinga wave nature.
photoelectric effect

18- How are frequency and wavelength of an electromagnetic waverelated?
higher the frequency, longer the wavelength
higher the frequency, shorter the wavelength
the frequency and wavelength are not direclty related

19- What other name is often used to refer to the electron cloudmodel of the atom?
plum pudding model
billiard ball model
quantum model
nuclear model
planetary model

20- What are the names of the elements with the followingsymbols?
(a) Ne
(b) Li
(c) He

21- After 4 half-lives have gone by, what fraction of a sample of aradioactive isotope remains? (Write your answer in fractionform.)

22- What are the most common names for these compounds andions?
(a) N2O
(b) HCl
(c) C2H3O2 ?
(d) PO43-

23- What is the formula for the common household compound known astable salt? (Type your answer using the format CO2 for CO2.)

24- What element has the lowest electronegativity?
What element has the second highest electronegativity?

Give the Stock system name for the following.
(a) Cr(OH)2
(b) CuCl2
(c) AuBr3

Answer: 1- The metric prefix for ten is "deca" (da) and for tenth is "deci" (d...
Answer: To calculate the normalization constant A, we need to use the conditio...
Answer: The probability density of finding an electron at a given point in spa...
Answer: To find the normalization constant A for the wavefunction Ψ = Axe^(-x^...
Answer: To find the value of the normalized constant, we must first normalize ...
Answer: Without knowing the melting point of the sublimed caffeine, it is diff...
Answer: The purpose of synthesizing a caffeine derivative may involve determin...
Answer: Taxol is a complex drug that is derived from the bark of the Pacific y...
Answer: Physical quantities can be classified into two main categories: Scalar...
Answer: Cloud computing refers to the delivery of computing services, includin...
Answer: Understanding Entropy, Special Relativity, and Quantum Mechanics The c...
Answer: Production and productivity are two related but distinct concepts in e...
Answer: Step 2: The independent variable in a study on skin cancer could be va...
Answer: In the mining industry, compliance with health and safety standards is...

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