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UTSGAST101H1Michael ReidFall

AST101H1 Chapter Notes -International Astronomical Union, Celestial Equator, Northern Hemisphere

OC579325 Page
27 Sep 2012
On a clear, moonless nights far from city lights, more than 2000 stars may be visible to your naked eye, along with the milky way. Constellation: a reg
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UTSGARC131H1Tatiana SenkevitchFall

ARC131H1 Lecture Notes - Henry Wotton, Eurythmy, Utilitas

OC579323 Page
27 Sep 2012
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UTSGARC131H1Tatiana SenkevitchFall

ARC131H1 Chapter Notes - Chapter 1: Spiro Kostof, Cultural Artifact, Institute For Operations Research And The Management Sciences

OC579322 Page
27 Sep 2012
Spiro kostof chapter 1: the study of what we built. Architecture is a social act social both in method and purpose. Outcome of teamwork: made use of by
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