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Study Guides for Juliey Beckman

Human Biology

BIOL1008 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Pineal Gland, Glycoprotein, Spermicide

Reproduction Asexual Reproduction Sex is not necessary for reproduction Asexual reproduction undergoes cell division through fission, budding or regeneration Fission: separation of a parent into two (binary) or more indivi...

Juliey Beckman
BIOL1008 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Caffeine, Cannabinoid Receptor, Gliadin

BIOL1008 Diet and Nutrition Nutrition Nutrition and Public Health Large improvements over last 100 years Originally simple messages about adequate protein, vitamins, minerals Deficiencies rarely seen Messages getting harde...

Juliey Beckman
BIOL1008 Study Guide - Final Guide: Axon Terminal, Sprain, Joint Dislocation

Temperature Nervous systems Central nervous system o Brain o Spinal cord Peripheral nervous system o Peripheral nerves o Sensory system Autonomic nervous system (ANS) o Sympathetic o Parasympathetic Enteric nervous system ...

Juliey Beckman
BIOL1008 Study Guide - Final Guide: Multi-Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis, Intellectual Disability, Night Sweats

Infectious Diseases Divergent interests of the pathogen and the host result in a continuous conflict Interests of pathogen: o High frequency of encounter with host o High survival rate after infection Interests of host: o ...

Juliey Beckman
BIOL1008 Final: Genetic Disorders Notes

Human Genetics Cells Eukaryotic cell o Plant animal cell o It has chloroplast and a cell wall Unicellular organisms o Consist of only one cell o One cell has to carry out all the necessary functions for survival o Unicellu...

Juliey Beckman
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