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Study Guides for MAE101 at Deakin University

Economic Principles

MAE101 Study Guide - Final Guide: Market Failure, Ceteris Paribus, Price Ceiling

ECONOMIC PRINCIPLES WEEK 1 Economics is a science that helps us understand choices made and their consequences at an individual and economywide level Microeconomics Studies individual choices and their impacts in specific ...

Business and Law
MAE101 Study Guide - Final Guide: Comparative Advantage, Fixed Cost, Lead

Exam Revision Document: Definitions: Scarcity When unlimited wants exceed the limited resources available to fulfil those wants Positive Analysis Statements of fact that c...

Business and Law
MAE101 Study Guide - Final Guide: Cheque, Leading, Normal Good

Economics Assignment: - Attach assignment attachment sheet - 12 pt. format and double spacing - 2000 words max - Due Monday 2 may nd - Harvard (name-date) Textbook defines opportunity...

Business and Law
MAE101 Summary Notes

Economics Summary Notes Chapter 1: Ten Lessons from economics: How people 1. People face trade-offs make (EG. Guns or butter, efficiency or equity) decisions 2. The cost of something is what you give up to get it (EG. Oppo...

Business and Law
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