CHYS 1F90 Study Guide - Final Guide: Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor, Spatial Visualization Ability, Kindergarten

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Money spent on health education and welfare is a mismatch (little. Voting age- 60 year olds vote, policy makers need to appeal to for 0-3, more 60+) voters. Policy helps us understand importance of supporting kids aged 0-4. Ses- a lot of families below median income of ,000. Not too rich and not too poor=healthy country (japan) low ses hinders ability to get job, risk missing college admission requirement. Children who don"t feel safe are less likely to read-education not a. Kids not in sports-acts as protective factor and keeps them busy- focus expensive. When maternity leave ends, moms cant talk to kids talk to kids when young is related to vocab, vocab related to literacy, literacy related to university, university related to good job. Help close the achievement gap among entering kindergarteners. All 5000 area children and families to attend community literacy workshops. 80% less children in special ed by grade 3-synaptogenesis period.

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