CPCF 1F25 Study Guide - Final Guide: Journalistic Objectivity, Establishing Shot, Thomas Edison

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Cinema: theatre where motion pictures are shown. Film: thin flexible strip of plastic which is used to produce motion pictures. Editing: process of combining shots to create a motion picture. Continuity: how shots in a movie remain consistent in space and time [ex: different angles of a shot but the actors remain in the same spots] Camera placement: location of camera relative to the actor [ex: aerial view shot] Began with emergence of other forms of technology [phonograph, telephone, automobile, cinema] which instilled social change. Vaudeville: early american variety show [1860s] which reached a broad audience. First form of entertainment that removed barriers amongst people and brought everyone together [mostly middle class and women]. Also made raunchy/ untraditional entertainment more acceptable and educational. Edward muybridge: early stop motion photography/ motion pictures and [invented or used?] zoopraxiscope. Walter benjamin: anything, including film, is suitable subject presentation and contemplation for art.