GEOG 3P83 Midterm: GEOG 3P83 Midterm Exam Notes

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20 Apr 2012

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Critical to sustain organisms and ecosystems on earth. Some organisms up to 90% water weight. Peter glaick it is an unnecessary crisis. There has been signs of small and large successes. Water is a unique substance essential for life. Earth is special: water exists in three states, exists in large quantities (approximately 70%) Position in solar system allows water to exist in three states. Originated with icy comets and other cosmic debris. Water in the planet released through outgassing at surface. Overtime as cooling occurred, water collected at surface. Global balance: amount of water has stayed relatively stable over the last 2 billion years. Uneven distribution (50-70 billion people can access less than 1%) Described as a positive or negative flow. 97% of water is too salty, 2% is in glaciers and 1% available to us. Settlements and population grow so does the need for water (begin to move where it is needed)

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