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Brock University
Health Sciences
Brent Faught

12/3/2012 8:30:00 AM Exam: (starts at 10:56) - attributable risk - varied sexual behavior - psychological need - puberty and development - types of families - contraceptive effectiveness - triangular theory of love - living together - partnering relationships - research by bogart (11:18) - social integration - intimacy - nurturance - assistance - trial separation - faught’s research in 2005 for children with DCD - breast cancer, skin cancer, lung cancer, testicular cancer - young person’s cancer - expectance of a man and who he should marry - hormones that signal the ovaries - research by bakker and al. 1997 - recover from a major loss in a relationship (12:00) - co-habitation - excitement and passion that is gone in a marriage - infatuation - research designed in the nam 2004 article - sexually involvement outside the relationship - intimate relationship - loyalty, love, trust - decline relationships - bisexuality, heterosexuality, homosexuality - preorgasmic - men that are allowed to contact their deeper emotional states - proximity of relationships - sharing feelings freely - surviving breast cancer - cuddle chemical - oral contraception - measure fit and insert of this form of birth control (13:00) - type of physician that can deliver a baby - diaphragms, birth control pills, condoms, temp. method of birth control for men - outercourse - alcohol consumption, ultrasound, weight gain, cats litter box during -- -- -- - pregnancy - abortion - sperm damage - birth defects - new born infants and signs of deathness - babys weight - birth control injection and birth control in its earliest form - second trimester abortion - risk involved with IUD - detecting congenital problems - last fertile safe days as per monthly cycle - problems with oral contraception and non oral contraceptive users - bacteria and tampons (14:05) - condoms not as effective in real life rd - 3 trimester fetus requirements - smoking, exercise during pregnancy - birth control use by women - female sterilization - oral contraceptives and pituitary glands - risks of having a baby with down syndrome - excess fat accumulating in a persons upper body and waist - chemotherapy treatments - a hurt muscle and cooling of blood - cancer cells in the brain and how quickly they divide - fibrous carcinogen - development of atherosclerosis - cautches postulates******* look that up couldn’t understand - hearts oxygen supply is reduced - cholesterol and risk range for heart disease - mechanical pacemaker - sodium nitrate (15:15) - capillaries venules arteries, veins and arterioles - blood flow that is redirected and slowly life cell behavior in insert death - hypertension - lumen et al. Amsterdam 2005 article - why does obesity but a strain on the heart (question) - healthy cholesterol value - endothelial damage - research design and the muller et al. 2006 article - cerebrovascular accidents - sexually transmitted virus in cancer - rheumatic heart disease - silent killer - angioplasty
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