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Exam Tips

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Winter 2012

Women's and Gender Studies
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Jenny Janke
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Exam tips
5:06 PM
Part 1 Scantron
37 questions (1 mark each)
Part 2 short answer questions 7 questions (19 marks)
Just straight to point answers
Part 3 definitions (40 marks)
Four marks per question; three marks for correct definition, one mark for explanation/example
List will be pared down to 13, must define 10 of them.
1. Androcentrism
2. First wave feminism
3. Second wave feminism
4. Third wave feminism
5. Dichotomy
6. Heterosexism
7. The personal is political
8. Bias in Health Care
9. Hierarchy
10. Chilly Climate in Education
11. Labour Force Segregation
12. Morgentaler Decision
13. Monolithic Beauty
14. Feminization of Poverty
15. Body Projects
16. Misogyny
17. Macro inequalities
18. Micro inequalities
19. Body politics/politics of the body
20. Sexual division of labour
21. Wage Gap
Part 4 long answer/ small essay (25 marks)
Select one (1) of the two (2) questions posed. Your answer should be about 4-5 pages single spaced.
Reflect on course material

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Exam tips April0212 506 PM Format Part 1 Scantron 37 questions 1 mark each Part 2 short answer questions 7 questions 19 marks Just straight to point answers Part 3 definitions 40 marks Four marks per question three marks for correct definition one mark for explanationexample List will be pared down to 13 must define 10 of them 1 Androcentrism2 First wave feminism 3 Second wave feminism 4 Third wave feminism 5 Dichotomy6 Heterosexism7 The personal is political8 B
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