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SOCI 2001B - final research project proposal detailed instructions (1).doc

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Communication Studies
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COMM 3001
Steve Tasson

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Final Research Project ProposalDetailed InstructionsThis set of instructions contains all the information you need to put together your final Research Project Proposal for this course It gives you basic information about the assignment provides helpful hints and lays out exactly what is expected for each section Basic Information The assignment is worth 25 of your final grade for the courseThe Proposal needs to be between 12 pages The minimum and maximum word limit will be enforced with marks taken off for those who stray outside this boundary Please note the word limit does NOT include your Cover Page References or Appendicesth The assignment is due Monday March 17 You must use Indepth Interviews as the data collection strategy in your Research Project Proposal Do not actually carry out any interviews To do so would violate Carleton Universitys Ethical Conduct of Research policy and procedures The assignment will be marked out of 100 points Pay attention to formatting Marks will be taken off for not following the format requirements You can hand a hard copy of your assignment in to me in class or in the dropbox by th5pm at the main office in the Sociology Department 7 floor Loeb Building Do not email me your assignment unless preauthorized to do so Students should retain a hard copy of for themselves and save the work in multiple places desktop flash drive online storage email to avoid losing material Technical difficulties are not a justification for latenessRationale for the AssignmentDesigning a research project takes a lot of work thoughtful consideration and foresight It is helpful to experience putting together a proposal to know what to expect and prepare for should you decide to embark on an actual project in future Also actively applying techniques and approaches seen in qualitative research 1
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