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GEOG 1020 Notes for the course

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Carleton University
GEOG 1020

Geog1020Course Description ThiscourseintroducesandexploressignificantgeographicalconceptsissuesandprocessesthatinfluencethedynamicconnectionsamongpeopleplacesandenvironmentsatavarietyofspatialscalesThecoursecoversawiderangeofthemesrelatedtothestudyofhumangeographyandenvironmentalstudiespopulationdynamicscultureandidentityunevendevelopmentagricultureandfoodproductioncitiesandurbanizationglobalizationgeopoliticsandthechallengesofsustainabledevelopmentThecoursecriticallyexaminesthedifferentmethodsandtoolsusedbygeographerstobetterunderstandthecomplexityofsocialandenvironmentalchangeinavarietyofplacesMarking SchemeAssignments 484 x 12 Exam 52 Week1KeyConceptsandToolsWhat is Human GeographyThe study of the spatial organization of human activity and of peoples relationships with their environmentsWhat is environmental studiesThe study of interrelationshipsinterconnections and an approach that seeks to create innovate and transcend barriers to changeWhat is GeomaticsThe acquisition management analysis and display of geographic informationSpatial OrganizationPlaceLocationDistanceSpaceScalePlaceA concept with 2 levels of meaning1 an objective location that has both uniqueness and interdependence with other places2 a subjective social and cultural constructWhy do places matterStructure the daily routines of people economic and social lifeprovide opportunities and constraints related to social well being Provide a context in which everyday common sense knowledge and experience are gatheredProvide a setting for socialization processesProvide an arena for social normsSpatial patterns and processesLocationNominalthe GlebeAbsoluteCoordinatesRelativesituationDistanceAbsolute35 kmRelative Time effort or costCognitiveDistributionsoWhere are different things located and Why What are implications of spatial patternsCar accidents grocery stores High birth ratesConnectivity and MovementoHow do things move across spaceScaleScaleThe general concept that there are various scales of analysisLocal regional national global and that they are linked and that processes operating at one scale can have significance at other scalesThe interdependence of placesPlaces are tied to wider processes of changeInterdependence between places and between geographical scalesConnections are increasing through globalizationWhat is a mapA representation usually on a planar surface of a particular portion of the earths surface or geographical areaBasic Elements of a mapoTitle Map scale bar or ratio projectioncoordinate system north arrow symbologylegendMap Scale There are two main typesa graphic or bar scaleRatio or representative fractionCoordinate systemsLatitude and Longitude parallels and meridiansProjectionsA method of portrating any portion of the curved surface of Earth on a flat mapThis representation causes distortion in distance area and directionGeographiesofPopulationsGlobal Population September 222010 6870200000Current Increase 83 million a year
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