HIST 1300 Study Guide - Gatineau Hills, Bilateralism, Anti-Imperialism

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27 Apr 2014

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East and west canada politically and economically alienated where central canada (namely ontario) prospers. Canada is a political nation (business, success, joined by politics) Risks and instability of canada: adhering to the us, english vs. french, divisions. What was canada in the beginning: ontario and quebec was one third the size they are currently, nova scotia and pei not joined yet, alone. Threat of the us: death of riel preceded by the creation of manitoba (small area) East-west economy being built along the railway. Farms of the west produce agriculture shipped down south, overseas, to the east: predominantly an agricultural society, technology. John a macdonald conservative: sir wilfred laurier liberals. Jobs: creates loyalty that is generated from patronage holds the nation together, ran through the whole political body. John a macdonald and his party: made to seem synonymous with the nation"s interest, british empire. Promises an illusion of stability and importance.

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