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PSYC1001 Final Exam Study Guide page 1PSYC1001Final Exam Study GuideNOTEThis is intended as a general guide to help focus your studying effortsYou are still responsible for reading the assigned chapters and attending the lecturesThe final exam is 110 multiplechoice questionsIt will cover the lectures and assigned readings since the second midterm chapters 5 6 78 or if you prefer chapters 6 7 85Reminder There will not be any questions that test your knowledge of datesAnd there will not be any questions that test your knowledge of names there will be questions that have the researchers names included in the question but this is only provided as an extra cue to help you will not be specifically tested on the namesLecture MaterialAll of itNo datesNo namesChapter 5 plus lecturesWhat is consciousnessWhat are the different levels of awareness states of consciousnessHow does consciousness relate to the brainAnd how do we measure brain activityoYou can ignore the featured study on Merits of Unconscious Thought page 203SleepIts function nature purpose the stages the rhythms age trends neural bases etcoYou wont have to know the bit about culturesleep page 212oYou wont be tested on figure 52 page 205 figure 53 page 207 figure 56 page 212What happens when sleep becomes disturbeddeprivation disordersWhat occurs during sleepbrain activity dreamingThe two biological clocksWhat happens when circadian rhythms become desynchronizedDreaming and dream interpretationWhy do we dreamoYou wont need to know the figure on the Typical Dreams of Canadian University Students figure 511 page 221oYou wont need to know the bit about culturedreams page 222223oYou wont be tested on Table 52 page 223HypnosisDefinition Phenomena Theories types of responses ApplicationsYou will NOT need to know the section on Meditation page 228230Psychoactive DrugsWhat are they and how do they affect behaviourtolerance dependence addiction etcWhat are the factors that influence drug effectsWhat are the mechanisms of drug action ie how do the psychoactive drugs workoYou will not be tested on table 54 page 234Types of Psychoactive Drugs categories as well as specific drugs within those categoriesoI recommend creating a table organized by category of drug that includes the various categories the subtypes their effects and sideeffects what they affect and the drug namesoYou will be responsible for knowing about the types of drugs and the specific drugs that are mentioned in the Lecture Notes and in Table 53 page 232and I wont expect you to know any of the drugs that arent mentioned in either of those two placesDrug Dependence DrugsHealth and the information discussed in class from the DSMSubstance RelatedAddictive DisordersSubstance Use DisordersCauses of Addiction disease nondisease geneticsYou will not be tested on the Personal Application section page 240243You will not be tested on the Critical Thinking section page 244245
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