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COMM 210Final Exam1Herzburgs Motivations TheoryConceptsKITAKICK IN THE ASSGetting people to do things through KITA management creates movement not motivationWhat if we want people to do something again We have to give another KITASelfmotivation comes from withinNegative KITAThreat restricted pay disciplinary action criticismPositive KITABribe rewards bonuses praiseHygiene factors factors insure reasonable level satisfaction pay job security relationships with bosspeers work conditionsMotivators Source of great deal satisfaction recognition achievements opportunity forAdvancements challenging workDissatisfiers primarily caused by hygiene factorsSatisfiers primarily caused by motivatorsHorizontal job loadingreducing personal contribution of employees rather than giving them opportunities for growth in their accustomed jobs in order to enrich certain jobsdoes not work ex increasing amount of production expected adding another meaningless task removing the most difficult parts of the assignmentVertical job loading providing motivator factorsPrinciples of vertical job loadingoremoving some controls while retaining responsibilityoincreasing responsibility of individuals for own workogiving a complete natural unit of workogranting additional authority to employeesomaking reports directly to workers rather than to supervisorsointroducing new and more difficult tasks oassigning specialized tasksmaking workers experts Job enlargementBy widening the range of tasks that need to be performed hopefully the employee will experience less repetition and monotony that are common on production lines which rely upon the division of laborWith job enlargement the employee rarely needs to acquire new skills to carry out the additional task and the motivational benefits of job enrichment are not usually experienced One important negative aspect is that job enlargement is sometimes viewed by employees as a requirement to carry out more work for the same amount of payJob enrichment a systematic attempt to motivate employees by manipulating the motivator factors
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