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EXCI 252 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Tinnitus, Spasm, VomitingPremium

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Exercise Sci.
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EXCI 252
Robert Panenic
Study Guide

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Head and Spine Injury
1) Initiate ERP
- Location of phone
- Directions to field/gym
- Phone number
- Call person/charge person
- Establish equipment needed
2) Gloves and visual scan
- Has play stopped?
- Safe for me?
- Safe for athlete?
- Rules of the sport?
3) Approach athlete and stabilize head on face side
4) Unresponsiveness
- What happened?
- Open your eyes
** NO RESPONSE ** painful stimuli, pinch triceps or nailbeds.
- Where does it hurt? (1st red flag if they say back or neck)
- Move your fingers ( another red flag if they ca’t oe feet o sueeze hads)
- Trauma jaw thrust
- Trauma chin lift if helmet is on
- Mouth guard?
- Gum?
- Broken teeth?
- OPA if unconscious
- Take a deep breath, does it hurt? Any difficulty?
- 10 seconds
- Look
- Listen
- Feel
7) Circulation:
- 10 seconds
- Any irregularity in pulse?
- Major bleeds ?
- If they’e ucoscious, e assue they hae a spial ijuy.
- If they are answering questions and are coherent, start with ruling out spinal
1) Check for neck/back pain
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