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LANGARACRIM 2416Mellisa RobertsSpring

CRIM 2416 Study Guide - Final Guide: Youth Criminal Justice Act, Young Offender, Young Offenders Act

OC105073530 Page
Youth crime: studied for over 160 years. Enigma: seen as a challenge, how can we prevent it or control it, issues faced at different levels, every plac
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LANGARACRIM 2416Mellisa RobertsSpring

CRIM 2416 Study Guide - Final Guide: Gang Rape, Restorative Justice, Social Control Theory

OC105073521 Page
Historically youth crime explained by: strain, differential association, social control, labelling, all theories explain male youth crime not female yo
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LANGARACRIM 1215earlandersenSpring

CRIM 1215- Midterm Exam Guide - Comprehensive Notes for the exam ( 19 pages long!)

OC105073519 Page
Patrol work 5 duties: prevent crime, protect life and property, preserve peace, apprehend criminals, enforce laws. W system centralized, computer based
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LANGARACRIM 2416K.ChinWinter

CRIM 2416 Study Guide - Quiz Guide: Protestant Work Ethic

4 Page
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