HIST-1107EL Study Guide - Quiz Guide: Hedonic Treadmill, Shakya, Adobe After Effects

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Scheier and carver- optimism and pessimism are broad, generalized versions of confidence and doubt pertaining to life, rather than to just a specific context . Based on an expectancy-value model of goal pursuit, which proposes that individuals pursue goals that are most important to them (value), as well as goals they feel confident in attaining (expectancy) Instead of asking participants how they interpret they ask them directly whether they expect events in the future to be favourable or unfavourable. Life orientation test (lot-r)- assess whether respondents expect outcomes in their lives to be good or bad. Optimism & pessimism scale- provides independent scores for optimism and pessimism, because it showed that they are 2 independent constructs. Optimism in adolescence was the best predictor of life satisfaction in middle age. Optimism appears to be related to higher levels of subjective well-being even in the face of stressful events.