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BUSA 364 Study Guide - Quiz Guide: Purchase Order, Stock Management

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BUSA 364
Keith Laidley
Study Guide

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Stock management system:
-In a supply chain, the stock management system willidenifty the available stock at each
point in the pipeline so that adequate time is provided for procurement and delays. There should
be no break in the pipeline and in distribution of commodities to the beneficiaries.
The money that beneficiaries never see
Cost equation
Factors that affect cost
o Distance
o Speed needed for delivary
o Mode of transport
o Need for transmodal shifts
o Packaging
Things to consider:
- Shipping is usually the best option if the amount of cargo is large and the need is not
- Shipping is usually is better priced in genera/kilogram.
- Rail is defiantly the cheapest form of transportation, in most cases on a case by case
- Using aircraft is an expensive option for the moving of goods and people in a
humanitarian situation thus the decision to use aviation should be taken very
If you are dealing with food, ensure that you arr train cars must not have been used for
chemicals! Or ensure that it has been adequately cleaned
Transportation and Logistical Performance
Quantifying the performance of an action using specific indicators for the purposes
being able to evaluate performance and compare performance over time
All performance is a tradeoff between speed, and cost and quality.
Key types of Metrics
Performance (mainly internal)
Accountability (mainly but not only external for donors)
Costs benefit analysis (for decision making and for future potential)
Arrival and Clearing of Consignments
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