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Study Guides for Business Admin at McGill University

MCGILLBUSA 356Morty YalovskyWinter

BUSA 356- Final Exam Guide - Comprehensive Notes for the exam ( 57 pages long!)

OC177292657 Page
Central tasks of a strategist: size up the external environment. Environment and not industry, environment is much broader than simply the industry you
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MCGILLBUSA 481allSpring

Exam Notes (93% on the test)

OC34115760 Page
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MCGILLBUSA 364allSpring

Business Law Final Exam Study Notes.docx

OC28359154 Page
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MCGILLBUSA 364Jocelyn CoutureFall

BUSA 364 Study Guide - Final Guide: Rand Formula, Operating Lease, Automatic Stay

OC10890929 Page
Definition of contract: it is important that a contract be enforceable by law. Legality: consensus (offer and acceptance) (ch. 5, formalities (if requi
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BUSA 100 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Contract, Financial Statement, Income Statement

OC254029420 Page
The entire amount received from the customer is included as revenue. Cost of supplies is listed as a payment to supplier under cost of sales. This meth
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MCGILLBUSA 250Marc DucusinWinter

BUSA 250- Midterm Exam Guide - Comprehensive Notes for the exam ( 22 pages long!)

OC168244922 Page
Avoid excessive use of nouns (all sharing same suffix and are monotonous) E. g. (cid:862) kills i(cid:374) orga(cid:374)izatio(cid:374), (cid:374)egoti
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MCGILLBUSA 364allSpring

Textbook Notes (need to read to do well)

OC34115751 Page
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MCGILLBUSA 250allSpring

BUSA 250 Study Guide - Adjective, Dependent Clause, Independent Clause

OC2835912 Page
Section 2 in writers handbook: a sentence is an independent clause, a sentence has a subject and a predicate. Basic sentence patterns: subject + verb (
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MCGILLBUSA 364allSpring

BUSA 364 Study Guide - Limited Liability Partnership, Legal Personality, Airline Alliance

OC28359116 Page
Because they involve the notion of personal liability for any wrong doing and torts. Even if you did not inflict something, because the event occurred
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MCGILLBUSA 364Jocelyn CoutureFall

BLaw cases for midterm

OC1089097 Page
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MCGILLBUSA 100Morty YalovskyFall

BUSA 100 Study Guide - Psychological Safety, Collective Intelligence, Learning Organization

OC6807717 Page
Busa 100 summary notes: introduction to management. The past- told others what to do; exerted control. Currently- work with others by coordinating and
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MCGILLBUSA 364Keith LaidleyFall

BUSA 364 Study Guide - Quiz Guide: Purchase Order, Stock Management

OC935742 Page
In a supply chain, the stock management system willidenifty the available stock at each point in the pipeline so that adequate time is provided for pro
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