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MCGILLENGL 381Paula DerdigerWinter

ENGL 381 Study Guide - Final Guide: Fatalism, Cross-Dressing, Unconditional Love

OC1022282 Page
Due: april 18th in her office at 11:30. Must include self addressed envelope that is already stamped if you want feedback on it. Monday and wednesday a
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MCGILLENGL 203Tabitha SparksWinter

ENGL 203 Study Guide - Final Guide: Falconry, Archaism, Ant-Zen

OC690806 Page
The artist creates beautiful things and the critic translates his opinions on them in to another. Finding ugly meaning in beautiful things is a fault,
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MCGILLENGL 275Brian LewisFall

ENGL 275 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Incest Taboo, Freudian Slip, Oedipus Complex

OC566296 Page
The history of class struggle is the engine of history because the forces of economic production have been what triggers the chances in epoch of histor
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MCGILLENGL 203Miranda HickmanWinter

ENGL203 Lecture Notes 2013.docx

OC10895280 Page
By definition, the approach of the survey can leave us hungry for further depth: canon. Oed (2002): a body of literary works traditionally regarded as
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