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POLI 360 - Final Review

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Political Science
POLI 360

Review – April 12 Part I: What is Security? National, International and Global Security National Security  military doctrines, strategies, grand strategy  deterrence -> conventional and nuclear Global Security  are they based on Western hegemonic norms? International Security  less norms-based than global security Grand Strategy: mobilizations of resources to obtain political objectives of war and peace Strategy: It may be difficult to ascertain strategies, but much can be revealed through behavioural analysis. Technologies impact strategy. Instant communication has made deaths and casualties sustained in war a lot more sharp in the public consciousness. Nuclear Deterrence Was the lack of nuclear war as a result of successful deterrence, or because of normative changes in the world? Did the status quo satisfy all major powers, hence not incentivizing anyone to seek further expansionism? There is an ability to become rich through other means. Part II: Causes of War Systemic, Nation-state (societal), and decision-maker level explanations. Levels are useful analytical categories that make explanations easier. Systemic explanations focus on the in
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