PSYC 211 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Corticospinal Tract, Corticobulbar Tract, Tectospinal Tract

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The premotor cortex is involved in learning and executing complex movements that are guided by sensory information: movement can be guided by non arbitrary or arbitrary information, arbitrary: information that is not directly related to the movement that it signals, associations between stimuli and the movements they designate are arbitrary and must be learned, non arbitrary: the visual information provided by the location of the object specifies just where we should target our reaching movement, monkeys with premotor inactivation using muscimol are able to move their hand towards a signal light located to the left or right (a non arbitrary stimulus), but were not able to make previously learnt left and right movements in response to arbitrary red and green stimulus lights, humans with premotor damage can make several different movements in response to spatial cues but cannot make a specific movement in response to arbitrary visual, auditory or tactile stimuli.