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Notes from the first lectures early in the semesterKNOW THE BIG 5 TRAITS Problem of the big 5 traitsWhat else do we need to know about a personNeuroticism and extroversion predict emotionsSchool and work performance conscientiousness dealing with selfregulation escaping temptation setting goal ectConscientiousness measures longitudinal leads to help people follow guidelinesDo the big 5 traits predict the occupational choicesCreative writersopenness to experience reflect imagine different scenariosProfessorslow on extroversion have max 3 classes mostly work on data more introvertedMarital selection similarity hypothesis samevs complementary hypothesis opposites attractRandom selectionOutside the big 5 traits similarities same education same religion same ethnicityetcWhyOpeness to experiencecorrelation husband high wife high related to experience and intelligencecontrol for educationinletellengence NO correlation Supports random selectionStongest predictor of marriage lastingtrait of neuroticism separate contribution for each husband and wife consciousness predictive ONLY for men husband low on conscientnessfailure in marriage3 dif traits influence pattern of life in universityExtraversionlarger network fall in loveAgreeableness romatic and freinship relationships fewer arguments in relationshipsConscientiousness keep in contact with their family socialProblemsVERIFY Superficial assessment evidence of jusdgement of the big 5 traits in1 min and even without talking with the person Broad Label and stereotypesFails to tell you what is unique and individualistic of a person describes in a rough way other aspects become more importantSocial acceptable way to categorizing people putting people into categoriesRun into problems with the negative aspects of the big 5 traits how would the person feel how others would view you so people have resisted using it to labelCant get away from the big 5 traitsevolved to observe and make note of them useful in organizing how we think of peopleExample clip from the office showparty did not want the boss jerk would ruin the partybrought a technician to read emails and found out about the party and crashed the partyJim agreeableness but in this scene is seen beyond the five traits situation tells something else about him Pams point of view uses the frustration in a different view he did the kindest thing and sang a love song to Micheal Scott when things are going bad he still does the kindest thingMicheal Scott the boss and the five traits extroverted neurotic Is he real trying to be someone he is not clueless about who he is and how he comes across to other peoplemight be pretending to be extroverted make it more complicatedAre they putting on a persona Beside quoting the big five traits we might also be making an assessment of authenticity which will determine how comfortable we are with the person Authenticity AssessmentStrength Nonconditional NoncontextualConditional Qualities could show more precisely who the person is could figure the person out more with conditional descriptions Example Peanut charactersGiving conditional descriptions helps to link the person in this case character more easilyAsk ppl for their traits often conditionalize itPPl give Big Five traits but give more conditional descriptions which can help capture the person more UNIQUELYMcAdams Big Five Traits is a starting pointAsk to think about someone and we are to most likely name motivational individualistic qualities life experience that you access to when you get to know someone wellThree Lvls of Personality
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