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Exam Review Anthro 1AB3 KAREN MCGARRY

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Stephanie Ross

ANTHROPOLOGY EXAM REVIEW CHAPTER 4 POWER INEQUALITY AND RESISTANCE The Ghost Dance example of a revitalization movement Once purified and practising the dance than the buffalo will fill the earth and the white men will disappear used as a form of hopeThe Peyote CultNative Americans a form of revitalization 1880A ritual for inducing spiritual visions peyote was a hallucinogenic to see spiritsThe ritual was legalized in Oklahoma and is now often practicedCargo CultColonization of Melanesia and Papua New Guinea traumatic bc many changes in the economy labor political control taxation cash wagesAs they were colonized they realized there was cargo coming in for white pplThey thought goods were brought thru spiritual force Yali leader tried to get people to engage in more spiritual techniques so that they could get cargoHawaiian Religion RenaissanceResisting market of their culture how they are percieved in the 1970s realized they were segregatedThey got more familiar w civil rights movement they wanted to bring back culture and tradition they believe culture was mocked because it was marketed tourismThe attempt was to preserve heritage and reclaim identity and selfhoodBrian Fagan Clash of culturesDisappearance of many indigenous societies culture evolutionNon state societies not viewed as necessarily good and industrial not viewed as evilLanguage and CultureSapir Whorf hypothesis Peoples language affects how they thinkpercieve the world Extreme linguistic determinism definitions of primary language are so strong it makes it difficult for some people to understand another persons culture Sociolinguistics How peoples culture shapes their language and its meanings Critical Discourse AnalysisHow power and inequality are reflectedreproduced through lang ie french mf segregates malesfemalesAfrican American English AAEPeople who are African American make mistakes when speaking do not follow grammar rules they say she married supposed to be she is married Power in 3 domainsEconomic Ability to produce more specialized production people w higher class have more access to resources This also rested in trade and long distance exchange networks which provided access to ppl around the world to have more access to commodities that are not locally accessibleSocial Power means ideological people who creates ideologies viewed as w more power and they are privileged and allows to create social inequalities control over religion Political Power Leader imposing authority in society through administrativemilitary Sometimes power is not political could be the leader of the community or kin state Lord of SicanHuaca Loro Pero 7501350 AD he was a kingpriestInternalexternal control he had 13 tombs in total that were undisturbed he was buried with grave goodsSican Deityif some1 buried w this symbolizes power control of powerful imagery dominant religious symbol
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