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Chemical Engineering
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My Nutrition Self Evaluation By: Amrit Aulak th st nd 1. See attached pages for Full Reports for March 20 , 21 , and the 22 . 2. In every day, I exceeded my limit in Sodium intake. Additionally, carbohydrates were also over once, as well as fatty acids, fiber and iron. 3. In the cases of fiber and iron, it was okay because my intake was only slightly over the limit, which helped compensate for the other days that I did not reach the daily recommendation. Similarly, carbohydrates were only over the recommendation level by a small fraction, and it was during a day where I was more active. My lifestyle does not have a very regulated exercise pattern, so occasional fluctuations in carbohydrates is healthy as long as it falls on days I’m more active. 4. I was below the recommended values in carbohydrates, fat, protein, calcium, fiber and iron all once, on the Sunday. 5. Generally, the pattern has been that I eat less quantity of food during weekends, often due to sleeping in and work. This creates less time in the day for me to have meals, or being somewhere where I can’t always just stop and make a meal. The lack of nutrition during these days can be unhealthy, as working for many hours at a time can require a large amount of physical and mental energy. As well, if I fall below the recommended values on a Sunday, the next day in school I will be more tired and less likely to learn new ideas in a lesson. 6. See attached pages for perfect nutrition plan. 7. See attached pages for perfect nutrition plan. 8. The perfect nutrition day is not that much d
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