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CH 15 Sexual VariationsWhat is NormalStatistical infrequency How much sexual behaviour deviates from the statistical normSocial norm How closely aligned sexual behaviour is with accepted norms in societyHarm Sexual behaviour is abnormal if it causes stress anxiety or unhappiness for the individual or harms someone elseAtypical Variations in Sexual BehaviourAtypical behaviours that are considered problematic are labeled paraphiliasA diagnostic category used by the American Psychiatric Association describes sexual arousal or behaviour that is problematic in the eyes of the individual or of societyUrges are recurrent and are either acted on or are distressing to the individual who experiences themInvolve sexual arousal in response to unusual stimuli such as children or other nonconsenting individuals nonhuman objects or pain or humiliationPsychiatric diagnosis requires that the person act on the urges in socially unacceptable or harmful ways or be distinctly distressed by themPerceived as persistent demanding compulsive uncontrollableVary in severityOften replayed in fantasyCan be harmless and victimlessWhat are some paraphilias that you consider harmful What are some that you consider harmless How would you feel if your partner revealed to you that heshe had one of these harmless paraphilias FetishismA paraphilia in which an inanimate object such as an article of clothing or items made out of rubber leather or silk elicits sexual arousalMay act on urges while masturbatingMost are harmless and private1
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