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McMaster University
Paul Faure

Information System Exam NotesChapter 4 Social Ethical and Legal issues in the Digital FirmFive Moral Dimensions of the Information Age1Information Rights and Obligations2Property Rights and Obligations3Accountability and Control4System Quality5Quality of LifeTechnology trends that raise ethical issuesTrendImpactComputing power doubles every 18 monthsMore organizations depend on computer systems for critical operationsData storage costs rapidly decliningOrganizations can easily maintain detailed databases on individualsData analysis advancesCompanies can analyze vast quantities of data gathered on individuals to develop detailed profiles of individual behaviorNetworking advances and the internetCopying data from one location to another and accessing personal data from remote locations are much easier Profiling The use of computers to combine data from multiple sources and create electronic dossiers of detailed information on individualsNonobvious Relationship Awareness NORA A new data analysis technology has given both the government and the private sector even more powerful profiling capabilities It can take information from many sources and correlate relationships to find obscure hidden connections that might help to find criminals or terrorists Ethics A concern for humans who have freedom of choice Responsibility A key element of ethical action It means that you accept the potential costs duties and obligations for the decisions you make
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