COMPSCI 1BA3 Study Guide - Final Guide: Page Layout, File Allocation Table, Sorting

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Order of precedence applies (ooo: to enter a formula: Verify via f2 (which cells are in formula: scaling- fitting pages to print, rows and columns intersect at cells- cell reference. Text: a combination of letters, numbers, and some symbols that form words and sentences. Number: any numerical value that can be used in a mathematical calculation. Date and time: commonly recognized formats for date and time values: the main reason to use excel is to display values calculated. Function wizard: autosum can be used for sum, average, count, minimum, and maximum. Can add a total row to calculate summary functions. Formulas entered in one table cell are automatically copied down. Can create formulas that reference cells in a table using table and column names, rather than cell addresses. Can sort and filter data easily: sorting - columns filtered. Custom sorting lists can be created: filtering. Can be applied to one or more columns.