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chapter 6

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Chapter 6 QuebecQuebecs Cultural PlaceQuebecs culture is derived from francophones living in NA for 400 years200676M ppl83 French2008GDP decreased 19 increasing ppltn but below the ntl avg14Quebecs demographic position has shrunk from 32 of Cnds ppltn 1871 to 24 2006The forecast for 2010Quebec should exceed Cnds GDPits unemployment rate will be better than those of OntLiberalization of world trade has tve impacts 1 the apparel ind regained mrkt share in Cnd 2 large companies turned their attention to the global market growing NA customers in Quecultural dvlpt is moving forward bc of Montreals expanding role as a center for artstheatretourism in Winter too Que Physical Geographylargest prov In Cnd4 regionsHudson Bay Cndn Shield 90 App UplandsGreat Lakes4 climate zonesarctic subarctic 60 Grt LakesAtlanticChamplain Sea best agri landThe Lake Champlain Gap an important NS transp link bw Montrealpoints in the US NYCCndn Shield hydro sitesforest productshillstourist area Envtl Challengesmarine biological life are threatened by polluted waterszebra mussel has a devastating impact on aquatic systemsare Que E comes from hydro stationwind powerthe lowest per capita emitter of greenhouse gases Historical Geography 1 New France 16081760a Cartier sailed into the Bay of Chaleurclaims the land for France b Champlain the Father of New France found a furtrading postdclp the fur economy c Montreal was foundednamed d Plains de Abraham Seigneurial System land was granted to those favored by the kingthe seigneur was obliged to swear to the kinghave his tenants cultivate the land 2 British Colony 17601867 a Treaty of Paris award New France to Great Britain b The British Parliament passes the Que ActQue has special rights French lang c Brit Parliament approves the Constitutional Act that creates 2 colonies UpperLower Cnd
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