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Final Review

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PART B REVIEW1914 1945 LECTURES 17 23revolutions of 1917 2two revolutions1st revolutionmarch ends tsarist regime2nd revolution brings bolsheviks to powerproblem w this explanation1 bolshevik party itself1917gets swamped w recruitsnot a small organized bodyso many ppl join it its largerbecomes a mass partystring in factories and what remains of the army 2 not clear about what it wants in 1917in the fall of 1917 bolshevik party has strong public debate about what they should dodiscussion about whether or not there should be a coupalthough lenin is the most imp there are a num of leaders that have influenceex trotsky zinoviev kamenevdont think like lenin opposed to a coupdebate emerges while all of this turmoil is going on bolsheviks benefit from one fact they are not taking any part in the govnot identified w the difficulties of the govtwith the way the war is disintegratingin the end the decision to stage a coup was made bc lenin threatened to resign and in part bc the bolshevik party did not want the promised elections to be heldcoup stagenov 1917 launched nov 6 completed nov 7symbolic act storming of the winter palaceafter they took power bolsheviks claimed they were taking power in alliance wthe sovietssaid they were aiding the sovietsrussian revolution affects the structuralsocio economic factors of the revolutionwo warno revolutiontsarism has trouble handling thiswar destroys regimeexposes its incompetenceWar with Germany Leon Trotsky y Leading figure in the partyy Minister for foreign affairs y Believes there will be a global revolution and it will come soon o Why do you need diplomacy then You dont need to do anything other than issue a few revolutionso Debate of how to check the German advanceCouldnt use military Negotiations between Bolsheviks and Germans about bringing an end to the war Dragging By 1918 Germany has had enough and threaten to resume their advance on the Eastern front Lenin Josef Staliny Stalin is a second rank figure y Lenin and Stalin that the important thing is to preserve the revolutiono Make a deal with the Germans no matter what the deal isy Trotsky suggests they do neithero Adopt a middle courseNeither war nor peace o Wins the debateHopes that under pressure the Germans will just accept but it just annoys themIn frustration the Germans resume their advance Lenin threatens to resign unless something happens
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