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McMaster University
Labour Studies
David Goutor

In Case You Hadn’t Noticed! 11/10/2013 4:10:00 PM Article Analysis Article points  Females were also breadwinners during the depression  Earned wages as domestics, teachers, clerical staff, garment workers  1 in 4 were apart of labour force in Toronto (vital to Toronto’s labour)  Women’s unemployment rate was lower then men’s, sometimes they were even primary wage earners in households  EMPLOYMENT OPTIONS FOR WOMEN WAS CONDITIONED BY RACE o Women faced sexist segregation o The ghettoization denied women access to skilled jobs  Which in turn results in lower wages for women  No matter how high their education status was (if they were coloured or German, etc., they had no skilled job) The gov’t passed regulation so employers could REFUSE work to married women, also used propaganda  This was put in place to protect men’s breadwinner wage  Thus, this paper, then, shifts the focus away from the debate over how much gender actually mattered and towards a more explicit discussion of how race and ethnicity, along with other variables, including gender and class, converged in various ways to shape women's lives and memories. Women’s wages were almost in comparison to slavery (p. 85)  Free advertisement could be one of the causes to the exploitation of women’s domestic work The depression increased middle-class houses demand for domestic labour  Cost of living decreases =
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