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POLSCI 2I03 - Exam Notes and Global Governance.docx

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Political Science
Andrew Lui

POLSCI 2I03 – Exam Notes and Global Governance and the Environment Monday, November 19, 2012. The Final Exam  Same format as midterm  10 Short answer (blanks)  4 long answer questions (10 marks each)  Addition of an essay --> worth 50 marks  SO: 50% for Parts A/B --- 50% for Part C  Consist of everything after theory (A/B)  The essay does have a right/wrong answer  Looking for application...covering more than one week  Apply the theory/theories -- both theoretical and empirical  An hour for A/B and an hour for C  Time should not be an issue  It helps if you can signpost--identify key scholars and terms (jumps out while marking)  Demonstration of knowledge (especially in A/B) in C it is more analysis, argumentation Global Governance and the Environment  What it means in IR terms, where do we go from here  Talking about the fact that increasingly that the environment is a global problem that needs a solution  Sources of pollution may be local, but they do not know political boundaries.  What are the root causes and politically how can go about trying to curve these causes  Historically there's different ways of looking at these issues  Is it a problem of wealth, technological problem, communication transfers, globalization issue, population growth  Lets try to debunk some of this polarization Problem with many political discussions--is this polarized? i.e. do climate problems exist?   Get away from those stark positions  NY Times link on A2L: debunk that climate change is new  NY Times Article: Copenhagen: Emissions, Treaties and Impacts  Greatest green house gas emissions is China --> beat the U.S  Unless you look at it per capita. U.S has less population and more green house gas emissions in this case Governance Agenda (Box 21.1)  1940s: Whaling  1950s: smog, sea oil, Antarctic  1960s: (Green) peace and love  1970s: oil pollution endangered species; 1972 United Nations Conference on the Human Environment (UNCHE) in Stockholm  Principle 21: states have jurisdiction over their own resources but they also have the responsibility to ensure
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