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Social Sciences
Geraldine Voros

Canadian AdolescentsLecture 1 January 10CLASS SURVEYTeens top five sources of entertainment o Televisionmedia o Technology o Sleep o Friends o SportsDrug use amongst teens has increasedConventional relationshipsdating has decreasedSexual activity has increasedSexual activity across generationso 6888 4 o 5868 3 o 2857 1 o 1328 2Teachers o What percentages of teens believe that their teachers are genuinely interested in them 30 o How many teens are confident about their teachers being in charge 40School o What numbers of Canadian teens believe most courses are fairly interesting 20 o How many teens enjoy school a great deal 25 Government o What percentage of teens has confidence in Canadian government 10Religion o What percentages of teens are confident in religion30REAL ANSWERSIn terms of trying to answer some of these questions although things might have changed amongst teens and adults over generations some of the basic values are constant Bibby tested for values over the generations found that there are constant values in their lives So is there a generation gap Not on the constant values that are present in every generation Bibby found that there isnt a generation gap and adults and teens have a lot in commono Most people dont realize thiso Older generations believe that they value things that younger teens dontThe values of intergenerational gap o Honesty o Family life o Concern for others o Spirituality o The perceived percentage of teens indicating these values are important is much different then what teens actually believe There is a phenomenon that occurs among all young people there is an ethnocentrism among all teens believe they are the most importantYoung people are spiritual but are not as much for organized religionIn actuality we understand how the two cohorts respondedIn percentages Perceived Actual Teens Perceived Actual AdultsTeens Adult Honesty 21 73 37 92 Family life 13 59 47 85 Concern for 12 62 30 71 others Spirituality 5 29 15 34 Teens five top sources of enjoyment 19842000 Bibby Studyo Differences between males and females between different decades 1984 1992 2000 o 1 Friendso 2 Music Consistent across generations Constant for boys and girls o For boys 3 Sports For girls 345 Your motherDating relationships o Boys mothers 45 for 1984 and 2000o The reason why friends rank higher then parents is because of dualcareers in society Therefore there is less time spent between children and parentso The Mask of Masculinity dont cry dont be emotional always come first in sportso In 2009 studyFriends and music stay123 4 is technology the internet ipodmp3 rdth Mothers are tied for 3 place for girls boys are 4 placeSports important to boys and not to girls Room of your own is important to girls not boysShift in technology by the old things that are important are still very present in this 2009 study Drug use amongst teenso From this chart we see that drug use has not increased heavily because now there is much greater access to drug use BELOW o Less people experience an alcohol or drug problem from 1992 to 2008 o The percentage of people smoking has dropped from 20002008 In percentages1984 1992 2000 Smoke Cigarettes 38 34 37 Drink Alcohol 76 75 78 Smoke weed 16 18 37 Hard drugs 11 8 14 Conventional relationships dating o It is less important to be dating today and it is losing popularity There are an increasing number of teens that are content to hangout with people of same or opposite sex Between 1984 and 200 there has been a modest decline in the percentage of males and females who report high levels of enjoyment from relationships and datingo Today common law outranks the institutionalized marriageo This is a big cultural shit and can lead to differences in generational valuesSexual activityo It has been largely consistent since 1987 o Consistent that males are slightly more sexually active then femaleso Younger generations today are not as prejudicial to homosexuals then older generations Sexual activity across the generations o 2857 are the most sexually active group 60 o 5868 are the second group52 o 6988 are the third group 26 o 1327 are the last group 24 o Our image of who is sexually intimate is not correct Teacherso 50 of teens say that their teachers are genuinely interested in themo 60 have confidence of teachers being in chargeSchool o 50 of teens say most courses are fairly interesting in high school o 40 of teens say they enjoy school a great dealMay not be for the educational reasons but may be for social reasonGovernment o 40 Of teens say they have confidence in the Canadian government Religion o 40 Of teens say they have confidence in organized religion A brief history of youth o The concern for those in our community who are coming of agethis means that you are going through an adolescence period and you are
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