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Sarah Clancy

Fox 1 Lecture 20 SOCIOL 2D06 Wednesday April 2, 2014  Wrap-Up & Final Exam Review  Social structure and collective behavior i) Resource Mobilization Theory: • Refers to “movements (that) are a product of the interaction between the social conditions that lead people to want change and resources available to make those changes” • Often leads to development of “social movement organizations” • Examples: Suffrage and other civil rights movement, militia movement, Occupy movement o ABC “Occupy Wall Street: Goes Global”=bridges collective change/related anti-war groups bridges other groups together • Stages of collective behavior o Assembling o Gathering (occupy movement) o Dispersal-routine, coerced or emergency (how the protest ends)  Collective Processes & Collective Behavior: • Collective movements are comprised of individuals in groups • But what motivates people to join and act? • According to group process theory, people are often motivated to act in order to gain power or control to resources, power, relationships, etc., o This often leads to group “bargaining” • Often see the development of coalitions • In groups, however, it is often easy to have unequal distribution of work or what the literature called “free-rider problem” (people don’t contribute to the group and get the same mark as others) Fox 2 Lecture 20  Explore Sociology Careers: •  Practice questions: 1) According to Sheldon (1949). This body type is known as being athletic = Mesomorph (opposite to endomorph) 2) Forced sterilization is an example of what movement? = Eugenics movement 3) A cult can be an example of which of Merton’s models of adaption? = Rebellion 4) As learned, labels are “sticky” and can often lead to what as a result of this label? = Stigmatization (Goffman looked at the stigma of mental illness: hard to remove them) 5) Goffman believed that mental health facilities were
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