SOCIOL 2C06 Study Guide - Final Guide: System On A Chip, Status Anxiety, Long Path

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27 Apr 2016

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Soc 2c06 deviance - final exam study guide. Individuals enter a career, manage their experiences, quit, get fired, retire. This is a public matter: with upwardly mobility, individuals receive greater awards: more money, benefits, perks, greater job security, career becomes central to individual"s life and identity: is the individual"s only occupation moonlighting discouraged. Fox 2: metaphor an ideal type": not all careers fit this model. Enter drug business embark on a career. How and why leave career both voluntarily and involuntarily. Drug users who become low-level dealers: worked way up to mid-level but rarely to upper-level. Individuals who enter directly at mid-level: come from another occupation, successful right away. Invited few: special skills, valued character/personality, some pilots, had legit biz connections, some from outside drug world, some from middle-level drug trafficking careers, process of becoming a drug dealer/smuggler: Fox 4: 2 factors that limit this groups rise to the top: