SOCIOL 4U03 Study Guide - Final Guide: Homoerotic Poetry, Fear, Bisexuality

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Theorizing sexual diversity: what are the challenges of a human rights focus on sexual diversity in a globalizing world, and what is the role of tradition and culture in attempts to reject the globalization of culture? (baird) Challenges of human rights" globalizations on sexual diversity. Buddhism is considered the religion openly accepting homosexuals in their scriptures. However, ad, indian buddhism demonstrated an extreme dislike towards transgendered beings. Despite certain sects of hinduism having great lesbian and transgendered sacred models to follow, modern hinduism is not keen on the acceptance of any sexuality other than hetero. The vast majority of muslims present extreme hostility towards homosexuality; though, not all. Some people believe in the hope for eradication towards all homosexuals, and others aren"t clear of the scriptures against it in the qur"an. Judaism historically stated non-hetero sexualities should be condemned to death; however, they gradually reexamined that statement and celebrated homosexuality through use of homoerotic poetry.

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