THTRFLM 2T03 Study Guide - Federico Fellini, Nino Rota, Motion Picture Production Code

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Well known for film associations with italian director frederico fellini (16) Used circus as themes for his movies; rota"s music employs this quality. Successful in concert and film music (now had prestige) Underscoring was inspired by the opera: cavalleria rusticano by: pietro mascagni. Son of musician, very knowledgeable in film music. Source music composed by: carmine coppola (francis"s father) Glorify criminal activity; music directs sympathies towards criminals. Sicilian mafia in nyc during the 40s and 50s. Antihero: what he does is wrong, but the audience still admires him. Heritage and past is apart of your present. Business transactions are like a dance; you are there for me, i am there for you. Used during business transactions, fear tactics, murder, mafia related incidents. At the end of the film, the godfather theme is transferred to michael. Suggests how connected michael and the godfather are/will be. As he becomes more immersed in his family/mafia. Scenes of revenge and murder done by him.

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