THTRFLM 3L03 Study Guide - Final Guide: Wend Kuuni, Todd Gitlin, Class Discrimination

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Ideniicaion: 2 pieces of info about the terms (15 terms, concepts and people, choose. Part 2: objecive quesions: ill in the blank muliple choice: only 5 of them. Last 3 parts of exam: write in exam book. Part 4: short essay answer: 1/3 quesions: answer in 2-3 paragraphs, worth 10 marks. Part 4: longer essay answers: 1 essay of 3 possible essay: quesions answered in 4-5 paragraphs, bring together a number of ilms around an issue from the course, worth 25 marks (60 minutes) Film builds narraive out of a number of story fragments familiar to us all: missing husband and a waiing wife, rebellious woman who doesn"t want to live with her husband, etc. , Story made up of repeiion of events and then variaion. The death of wend kuuni"s mother renders him dumb and is unable to speak mute and shock of discovering a second corpse that brings back the power of speech.

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