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Greek Vocab List- Oct 15+ Agoranomoi – Officials of the market Antidosis – Exchange of properties Apoikoi – Colonists Astunomoi – Officials of civic order (streets+ highways) Arete – Goodness, excellence Atimia – Deprivation of Honor Atomos – Indivisible Auletes – Double-pipe player Autochthonous- descendants of Ion Son of Apollo and Athenian Queen Kreousa Barbaros – Foreign Boule – Council of 500 Bouletai – Councilors Choregia – Training & Equpiment of Chorus (performing in festivals in honor of Dionysos/Apollo/Athena) Demokratia – Democracy Dike - Suit Dikastai – Jurors Dikasteria – Jury-courts Dokimasia – Scrutiny Doxa – Glory Eggue – Betrothal Eisphora (pl. eisphorai) – Property taxes Ekklesia – Assembly Epheboi – Males between 18-20 in military training Epikleros – Heiress Epistates – Chairman of the Boule Epitaphioi – Funeral speeches Erastes – Older admirer/lover Eromenos – Beloved (young gay lover) Grammata – Letters of alphabet Grammateis – Secretaries to the Boule Grammatistes – Elementary teacher Graphe – Wit Graphe paranomon – Wit concerning illegal proposal Gymnasion (pl. gymnasia) – Gymnastic school Hetairai – Courtesans Hippeis – Cavalry Hoplitai - Hoplites Isonomia – Equal right of all citizens to exercise their political right Keleustes – Row
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