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Queen's University
COMM 103
Gregory Libitz

The dark side of social enterprise we live in a very different world today traditional ways of saving the world have FAILED HOW can you change the world NEW PATHWAYS Social innovation Social enterprise/entrepreneurship Cross-sector collaboration --- non-profits, corporations coming together The NEW csr (corporate social responsibility) Employee engagement initiatives Csr integration – competitions and trends Competitions Rise of social intrapreneurship – revolution within organization What is social entrepreneurship Organizations with social value create a mission Social enterprise an entity that involves earned-income activities to address social needs in sustainable way Multi-sector The dark side Assumptions of altruism and social good Myth of impact Corrupting SE Advancement of ulterior motives Exploitation of private gain Unintended negative consequences Advancement of ulterior motives When motives, means and ends combine Do we ignore the complex embeddedness of history, tradition, and culture that produce questionable motives Exploitation for private gain Exploit social needs for profits Little room for robust social mission in large companies Brand as social value for private gain with little creation of social value Unintended negative consequences Unforeseen outcomes Need more holistic approach to avoid Tradeoffs between social and profit mission Abdication of responsibility (by govt) Privatization of water – its risky Demonization or de-legitimation of traditional charities Have to become like businesses to survive Rise of unethical behavior following green consumption Eco consumption is good deed, gives excuse to lie or steal Research focus The dark side tells us that the narrative of SE may be very different than the practice When do SE solutions make sense? – when should govt get involved, corps, etc What are the boundaries and limits of SE? -- Do SE efforts yield LR commitment to the problems we face? What can we learn from failures? Can we take more of a systems view in our research? – look at good and bad Where is the SE located in the value chain of producing social good and hope? Use of technology in businesses Technology or website that you need to use everyday?? Lifetouch Revolutionized how school pictures are taken When she was a kid, it was local photographer What does this technology look like and how is it used Can see picture online, can pick what you want to purchase $32!!! Default selection was ‘touch up’ and name on bottom Those defaults were $16!! This is a ‘complement’ of technology Takes existing technology and makes it better Earns more revenue Button already picked, ‘forced complement’ Customer service on airline Want to leave ASAP Or if you’re late, will still let u get on next flight, ASAP Walk up in the airport; phone says when next flight is Adds value to experience, customizes solution for you, involves you in process Don’t do this because don’t want to share customers, lose revenue or change business model This is an obstacle because businesses don’t want to do it Technology is 15 years ahead of businesses Businesses using technology to solve problems or enhance experience are delayed These complements are not accepted by companies because they don’t want to have to change WEBSITE YOU COULDN’T LIVE WITHOUT? Wikipedia It is important to you, helps with work All things on the Internet, what percent is used everyday 3%!! more is coming on the internet but not any more is being adopted managerial decision making Difficult and important decisions aka strategic decisions Decision making in theory Assumption: quality
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