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Published on 19 Apr 2013
Queen's University
Electrical and Computer Engineering Courses
ELEC 210
@ Y."o*"t"1, s $"".", Jp,*.: f{oo 1oo
3 az P lJloa, (epc+Fe P"')"f-"(,
:Z -fL
O . fJrTi . l,trr. poder @ uo*,,nq h4tk^s ghcn na"c+rat
:^{fuLl[;r[i R".R'- ,rire ii a,l-n*.r inl-ehar,Y
t.lx" (i '\) ' --
-.:-'-e:r-' ";': ?rio..r| ' secondary I F-n-
Ec = ft, -- r^ -f,,tcr. (.^-Fio Fo. to.K Fo.re. +o 6J\_-
tP"g;X,t Su.r1,tC P'.= H =,E =h.u)
O 6 ?L:-Y,'
X,,r4.--r rz= (5lre t' A-- s
l#tf5h r Rn/
-;,i.r.i;*=ai'J fr:"jf'-l; J 131"*
, fIffi t.Y:ii'i:=:,, Wr F.scr$'crlA
1.=(*.)rr: l.r-7sn t'' @ weF:o , eelkiea.cy--e,/.
Ve : LB75 (t,rr.1: t.g7gu
G\ * @ u-u, 6oa7 r 3rhate, Y, n Pote
\9 -?h" tla*'e. rh',Ft 6e*uee.s -lor,*= ZZ, trtu-, P1 orr ss2 ?oo*)
- c.rcCcA.t (tr.d dr.+a
6f o*n ind"r.+ oa --.r1e carr:ed sriP : o. oz5, Cean gaxl rors"7.
|eo" 'e;;; .*Jt.":t .-^ , Pi.,.= fttMA,ts-l/ T-4av,Ll+t
a Ceo..^"J-'"" t3used 4t
- t' l.'=liiir",*.,. i1 \r(ed 4, !g' H . r.:l = ty{i})t
A ceFere^ce o r---*-'' ^- l-) (t_s)
7 { ;p j,*r..=r,r+1r
",/1r, -=il-ttl"::;t, /, 3 - fL*r", 6oAz, I ?ovs, (7rtc rtr_r
,/. s,i? .l
Nr r -- ,z+g) -- troa
g = t?oo -t?tta - -
-I?#- 3 a 'ot!''jj'/'
@ in o.- Kg seris5 circ.r,ir *tl.a-r
1S +Xe, lhcre on3-re fe+urgg4 {.lr Uat+e3€
l^d cacce^+ tJher R. arJ (" : SOSr-
Z. z -Sr" rjso +so z zo,-7 g-ils
@ i".eda*e otrq^ RLc ?a.rc(rer ci.cu,l
t<,/lnen A, x r, Ke ^.. et..ot V z 1loo, aa 1 5
Rex =({+ ,1. + l-,
_\ --e."YI =r#'
tlg) ? *rr* cqgaci+or ?aco.rre( ,ri+t o,.coir
4t'o.*io3 6r{w qc+irc,. QoJer + 6 (d ceilr+Ite ,
6 ? e+je -_6*J6 =- s.U,l
€oit Fe,. Co:e :.!. :. o.7a7
p -vff&netecJ fle4fu(e t75 r.d dnJsr-r
in 3-Ptsst- (oad . .iqrg1 te"rs1 27
tA + r5:z(o-,
@ 3-|h*.., 4p?areo{
ccqc*ive po,"ren --
st -e=+Qt
p ,ls}tfF, l-'
: loo
Po.,uef : (5o t/1,
ttt.? v40," ?e--7
?F= loo 20,67
@ N5y: tSoocpr4 f6o4clgo.o
?s.u : leoo t*r . P"eu z(Soor^)
O -:.Coit(pgj= zt.leo
_-p&e.16 zr; col Ur.ic)
: 1693o'5u
P*: 1613o.S- loooc)
-_ lg.9 uu)
s -- 0fv - ,tj9 zo,o94
Pg t9lo.5- -'-
\),.,t:. (l-5),JsY
".(l - a. ogq)lgoat
z l(b,g
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