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Queen's University
Global Development Studies
DEVS 100
Richard Day

DEVS100 - Final Exam Second Semester Lectures Notes Blue = Important discourses/concepts Red = Important people WEEK 2 - Immigration and Multiculturalism REVIEW of Week 1: All discourses are developed through an interpreter (who comes from a certain regime) imposing an interpretive paradigm upon an object/issue Colin Robertson on Being Canadian - a career foreign service officer who has served at the UN and Canadian consulates, as consul general in LA, and as the first head of the Advocacy Secretariat at the Canadian embassy in Washington - “we remained ourselves by becoming not-them” - “insistence on retaining rights for what we now call the First Nations” - “no cultural, linguistic, or tribal homogeneity” - “waves of newcomers” - “the North and our sense of nature” - He is saying that things in Canada are going well, much as they always have been - We are nice and we like other people, which leads other people to like us - Consider the fact that Robertson is an elite, political representative of Canada - Even if we and “they” don’t know who and what we are as Canadian’s, he is saying that we must maintain our “Canadianness” W. Kymlickaon Multiculturalism and Immigration - NOTE: this article by Kymlicka was commissioned and paid for by the Canadian state (consider this while reading and analyzing it) - “multiculturalism assists in the integration of immigrants and minorities, removing barriers to their participation in Canadian life and making them feel more welcome in Canadian society” - He says that “immigrants to Canada and visible or religious minorities far better than m
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